Technology Essays as the name indicates are essays that are about a particular technology or anything related to that technology. The word “Technology” can simply be defined as a tool or technique used to perform a particular activity. Technology Essays can be descriptive that is they can describe a technology, comparative that is they can compare two technologies, persuasive that is they can persuade a reader about something related to a technology, analytical that is they analyze the working or other issues related to technology etc. Therefore, to write a good technology essay, the writer should not only know the technology but also the art of writing different types of essays.

The first step in essay writing is topic selection. Technology essays are no exception but some things must be kept in mind while selecting a technological topic. The technology selected must be of the writer’s interest and should not be too complex or too problematic to understand and deliver. The next step after selecting an appropriate topic is collection the information regarding the selected technology. Library resources and the Internet can be used to find relevant and up-to-date information regarding the topic. In technology essays reliable resources containing up-to-date information are required so outdated and unreliable resources should not be considered. Too little study and research about your topic will make your essay general.

Essay Writing does not merely mean writing but it is a process that comprises of several important steps of which one is researching and studying. After researching and studying, the phase of writing an essay starts. Technology essays, like other essays consist of three parts that are introduction, body and conclusion. The introductory part consists of ideas and a strong thesis that would be developed later in the essay. Body portion, that present and proves the arguments and describe the technology in an effective manner using appropriate vocabulary where necessary. And finally comes the conclusive part that concludes the essay in an interesting and capturing fashion. Careful editing will further enhance your essay and make it more appropriate and correct.

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