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Given below are some speech categories which we work on.

Entertainment Speeches

These speeches are written for entertainment purposes. The audience which listens to these speeches listens to the entertainment speeches so that their mood can be lightened. Hence, when you are writing these speeches, you need to use very light statements.  In other words, you need to think a lot to prepare the content of these entertainment speeches. You need to remember that you cannot use very long statements in an entertainment speech because the audience might get bored. Hence, you need to be careful about what you write and how the thoughts are explained.

Business Speeches

These speeches are delivered for a specific type of audience. Usually, the audience of the speech comprises of the employees of one organization only. The speech can be related to anything. For instance, the top management may deliver a speech on how the company can increase its profits. On the other hand, the top management may deliver a business speech on how the staff can perform well. Thus, a business speech can have various categories and classifications.

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