What makes our Essays Good?

1.  Immediate start

We start working on your essays immediately once the order has been confirmed.  This gives us an opportunity to do necessary proofreading and double-checking before mailing the paper to our customers.  We believe that our customers deserve to get the quality that they paid for, and that is why our writers never put off your orders in the long box.

2.  Strictly follow indicated citation styles

It often happens that university and college instructors give low grades even to the best papers for a single reason of not following the particular citation style.  This is why we put a special emphasis on this issue when composting your essays.  Our writers always strictly follow the citation style indicated by customer in the order form.

3.  Careful review of every order

We train our writers not only to write good essays, but even more to write essays that are truly customized.  When we say that we produce custom written papers, we mean that, first of all, our papers are completely original, and secondly, that they precisely follow the particular customer’s guidelines.

4.  Team proofreading

Unlike many other companies who write papers just a couple of hours before the deadline, and never check what is written twice, our writers are required to do careful proofreading of their work.  At fountainsquareacademy.org we not only use spell-checking programs to ensure that everything is correct, we also do team proofreading.  All produced work undergoes an obligatory quality assurance and control by the members of our Editing team.

5.  Guaranteed on-time delivery

Business around the world is based on a simple principle that “time is money”.  Despite of this widely known fact, we have heard about cases when customers were getting their orders hours and even days after the due date has passed.  That never happens at fountainsquareacademy.org:  we keep our promises.