Why is Germany among the most attractive places to get higher education?

Germany is a truly awesome country. There are a lot of things that make it really unique: stunning scenery, low cost of living, infrastructure, exquisite cuisine, interesting language, wonderful job opportunities and, of course, a high-quality education. A lot of young people from all around the world come here to become masters of their craft. Here you will be given a chance to open new horizon exploring the most interesting things for you. Here you will be able to reach your full potential. Here you will be allowed to choose the most outstanding academic program. If you have been dreaming of studying in Germany for years but still think that everything is impossible, then just put these strange thoughts out of your mind. Everything you should do is to have a clear understanding of the ways your studies in Germany can be organized and how much it may cost.

Should international and national students pay for their studies

You may be really astonished by our answer – no, in the majority of cases students don`t have to pay for the ability to study at the world-known German higher educational establishments. There is only a small number of private universities in Germany that can charge up to €20,000 per year. All the other ones are publicly funded and designed to perform in the public interest. The German government is interested in the development of the scientific potential of their country and does its best to offer everybody the best studying abilities. All that public universities will require from their potential students is to pay for administration, confirmation and enrolment. It will be no more than €300 per semester. The prices vary depending on the university.

Are there any other essential student costs while studying in Germany?

While studying at a German university you should be also ready to spend about €850 every month for living expenses. You should take into the consideration that if you are not from the country which is not the member of the European Union you will have to pay about €60 for a student visa and demonstrate that you have access to about €8,700 per year in order to be able to cover the expenses for living.

Are there any special requirements the international students should fulfill?

Proof of the financial resources, visa, residence permit, university entrance qualification, knowledge of German, and health insurance are the main prerequisites for admission to one of the German universities and completing your desired degree program successfully. We want to draw you attention to the language tests such as DSH and TestDaF that a foreign student should take to prove that his German is perfect and he is able to perceive all educational material which is taught in German. Writing an essay and speaking are the most important parts of these tests that should be accomplished almost perfectly. But if you have already passed either ‘telc Deutsch C1Hochschule’ examination or Goethe Certificate C2 examination, then you won`t be required to take DSH or TestDaF.

All in all, we are very glad that you have chosen Germany for developing yourself as a true professional with the moral character, deep knowledge and the proper training that is needed to guarantee a high standard of professional and practical skills at the workplace. Remember that it always seems impossible until it`s done. Just don`t waste time and try to get your place under the sun at the German university.